Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Heroic Computer Dies To Save World From Master's Thesis

Via Eric Mayer, from the Onion.

Choice sentence: "I guess when she got to the chapter about how the 'imitative tactility' used in the first two stanzas of 'Young Sycamore' can act as a 'neo-structuralist, pre-objectivist perlustration and metonymy' of the importance of anti-Episcopalian sentiment in the rise and fall of central West Virginian coal miners' unions, the computer just decided that something had to be done for the greater good."

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Kent said...

The ATS—that is, All Terrain Segway—can’t be far behind, then the hike up to Dinkey Lake will be a breeze.

Seriously, good job on the blog. The pictures of Gabe are precious—I haven’t seen him in years and had no idea he’d somehow become something other than a tiny baby.