Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Bit of Doggerel -- About a Cat

Every now and then I get seized by my muse and wax poetic. I wrote this years ago. It was a hit at our family reunion, where I did a dramatic reading with my brother-in-law Robbie backing me up on bass. Background: When I was a kid my sister had an orange-striped cat named Nicky, whose idea of fun was to race the garage door. One day he lost.

How an Orange Kitty Cat One Day Learned a Valuable Lesson

He had tiger stripes, young kitty cat
ball of fluff, now smashed so flat.

And so my friend raced out one day
(a day, by the way, built for play,

and much, it seems, like most other days:
sky mottled white on blue, and rays

of sun dripped like drops of rain
upon a dewy glistening plain

of backyard blessed with blades of green --
a sea of grass on which to dream).

But oh my striped young kitty cat,
(ball of fluff now smashed so flat)

cavorted not outdoors that day
but in garaged darkness played;

racing toward the blinding light
oft revealed and brought to sight

when ‘lectric buzzing motor'd raise
the great wood door before his gaze.

Then began the game quite simple
(though it gave his side a dimple):

race the door and reach the outside
before the door could brush his young hide.

But oh! my striped young kitty cat,
ball of fluff now smashed so flat!

Never more on bright blue day
will you race outside to play!

The door came down, soundly smashing
my kitty cat who once, so dashing,

dashed across a concrete floor
and tried to beat a ‘lectric door,

but ne’er again will frolic anew
beneath a winsome sky most blue.

For oh my striped orange kitty cat,
ball of fluff, you’re smashed
... so flat.

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